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Experienced in Various Massage Therapy Modalities

Services and Rates


Receive 5 massages at $50 and the 6th massage is FREE!

Swedish Massage uses light to medium pressure, and it increases circulation, relieves tension, gives greater energy. 

30 min/$35   60 min/$60  90 min/$85

Deep Tissue Massage uses deep penetration to the muscles. 

60 min/$75  90 min/$90

Chair Massage client is fully clothed seated in a massage chair, the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms are massaged. 

15 min/$15  30 min/$30

Reflexology a foot massage that relaxes the body by using pressure points in the feet.

30 min/$30

Sports Massage   stimulates muscle tissue and helps the muscle recover faster.  Performed before and after an athletic event.

 30 min/$30  60 min/$65

Hot Stone Massage using warm basalt stones with the massage to soothe muscles. 

60 min/$90  90 min/$120

Paraffin Wax & Massage relaxation massage ending with warm paraffin wax on either the hands or feet. 

60 min/$60





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